Golf at the Baltic Sea

The most beautiful Golfhotel in Travemünde

Experience golf on the beautiful Baltic Sea! Numerous golf courses await you in Schleswig-Holstein and along the Lübecker Bucht. As a Gast from the Strandschlösschen you will receive 20 % Greenfee-Discount at the Golfplatz Lübeck-Travemünde, the Maritim Golfplatz in Warnsdorf and 25 % Greenfee-Discount at the Golfanlage Seeschlösschen in Timmendorfer Strand. Book the most beautiful Golfhotel in Travemünde, now!

You play golf? Discover the places in the area around the Strandschlösschen Travemünde! 

Lübeck-Travemünder Golf-Klub

The traditional 27-holes-course Lübeck-Travemünder Golf-Club is located above the Brodtener Steilufer at the Lübecker Bucht. The golf course has an area of 130 hectares. On the golf course there are points where you have a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea. 


  • 27-holes course on an area of 130 hectares
  • One of the most beautiful Driving Ranges Germany´s with a unique Baltic Sea view 
  • Training areas with Pitching-, Chipping- and Putting green
  • Clubhouse with a Restaurant and a Proshop
  • Public  6-holes- course place
  • Video-Studio (GASP-Anlage)

Maritim Golfpark in Warnsdorf

The Maritim Golfpark is located between the Baltic Sea, Lakes, rapeseed fields and a beautiful blue sky. In the unique nature and landscape around the Hemmelsdorfer See, between Timmendorfer Strand and Travemünde is the Maritim Golfpark with three 9-hole-courses located. 

All the 27 Fairways offer different challenges, with different levels of difficulty and an sophisticated Course-Design.

Every Golfer will be faced with interesting tasks, long and short fairways. 

Golfanlage Seeschlösschen Timmendorfer Strand

The Golfanlage Strandgrün Timmendorfer Strand is one of the most beautiful and popular golf courses North Germanys and just 35 minutes away from Hamburg.

The design of the course is from the the famous golf architect Dr. Bernhard von Limburger and the opening was 1973. 
The Golfanlage Seeschlösschen is the biggest golf course in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg.

It´s divided in the beautiful North- and South Course. Both courses have 18 holes. 

Fakten Nordplatz

Grösse: 85 ha
Länge: 6.311 Meter
Spieldaten: 18 Löcher, Par 72
Slope/CR: 130/70,9 (gelb) 128/74,0 (rot)     
Architekt: Dr. B. von Limburger
Spielstärken: Stv. 0-36,0.

Fakten Südplatz

Grösse: 50 ha
Länge: 3.603 Meter
Spieldaten: 18 Löcher, Par 61
Slope/CR: 105/59,9 (gelb) 98/59,9 (rot)
Architekt: Dr. B. von Limburger
Spielstärken: Stv. 0-36,0, CV 37-54

Golfanlage Hohwacht

Fakten Hohwachter Platz

Grösse: 70 ha
Länge: 6.102 Meter
Spieldaten: 18 Löcher, Par 72
Slope/CR: 131/72,1 (gelb) 127/74,0 (rot)     
Architekt: Gerd Osterkamp

Fakten Neudorfer Platz

Grösse: 25 ha
Länge: 4.198 Meter
Spieldaten: 9 Löcher, Par 32
Slope/CR: 110/63,0 (gelb) 102/64,9 (rot)
Architekt: Gerd Osterkamp

For our guests: 

    • 20% Greenfee reduction at Lübeck-Travemünder golf course
    • 20% Greenfee reduction at Maritim golf course in Warnsdorf
    • 25% Greenfee reduction at golf course Strandgrün in Timmendorfer Strand
    •  25% Greenfee reduction at golf course Hohwacht


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